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It Is An Overrated Concept

Metal band Bevar Sea’s guitarist and visual artist Rahul Chacko who has designed posters and album artwork for heavy metal band Albatross, old school metal band Kryptos and death metal band Dhwesha, asserts that music bands are gradually warming up to the idea of spending a decent amount on album sleeves.”Ram adds, “That’s when we collectively realised that the music should be the hero; nobody cares about the cover if the album is good. The more striking the cover, the more the chances were that someone would check it out, possibly even buy it and sample the music. In 2010, we released 16/330 Khajoor Road, and once again went through a lot of discussions, and finally, picked a cover that all of us disliked the least.

Talking about their different album covers Rahul Ram, bassist, vocalist and founder member of Indian Ocean shares, “Traditionally, album artwork served the purpose of making an album stand out among others on a rack. For us, what the album stood for was way more important than the art. While some musicians feel that cover art can Wholesale Nylon Spandex Fabric be an influential factor in a record’s success and choose to release their work inside brilliantly designed packages that make a statement about their style of music, there are others who feel that it is an overrated concept. Bold images like the one on Curtain Blue’s cover stands out even though it’s a simple photograph. Black Friday, our next album in 2005 was a motion picture soundtrack, so the cover was more about the film than the music. Bhayanak Maut’s Man had a massive 118-page booklet that came with the album (a pdf version on digital downloads) featuring some really horrific but beautiful art. Jhini, 2003 our fourth album is the only album where we invested in the cover art, and had a meaningful concept.

It is important to understand the feel, the genre and the kind of music a band plays in order to do justice to an artwork that speaks volumes about their music. “A lot of musicians are actively involved in conceptualising the art and ensuring that it blends seamlessly with the album. In this day and age, physical sales of albums are not significant (when compared to digital sales) and albums themselves are swiftly losing relevance, so album art is definitely an overrated concept. Delhi-based electro-rock duo Fuzz Culture comprising Arsh Sharma and Srijan Mahajan opted for a pretty pink cover with quirky artwork for their debut album No. Our first album (Indian Ocean, 1990) cover was a piece of art that a friend gave us, we were just happy that it was something exclusively made for us.

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